Drivers side power window switch

Well thanks to the original owner of the black 86 parts car, I had to buy a new drivers side power window switch. The reason being is the window one day rolled down and never went back up. So the original owner had a “mechanic friend” get the window rolled up and disable the switch. How did they disable the switch? They removed the inner workings and threw them away. So I had no way of fixing the part that had failed and had to spend money to replace the part. Thanks to another MR2 owner I was able to get a good deal on a working switch assembly.

Moral of the story, just because you can’t repair something doesn’t mean someone else can’t 🙂

Small Port Cylinder Head Done

The new small port head is now finished and ready to be put on to its awaiting high compression block. The valves were checked, the cams are out of an 86 with 117k miles, it’s all clean and the shims were all sized and checked.  Now to just paint some valve covers so everything looks pretty.