Drivers side power window switch

Well thanks to the original owner of the black 86 parts car, I had to buy a new drivers side power window switch. The reason being is the window one day rolled down and never went back up. So the original owner had a “mechanic friend” get the window rolled up and disable the switch. How did they disable the switch? They removed the inner workings and threw them away. So I had no way of fixing the part that had failed and had to spend money to replace the part. Thanks to another MR2 owner I was able to get a good deal on a working switch assembly.

Moral of the story, just because you can’t repair something doesn’t mean someone else can’t 🙂

2 thoughts on “Drivers side power window switch

  1. Back before the internet was a common uniting force amongst car enthusiasts, I too dealt with a driver’s side window not working in my ’85 MR2. I ran a wire from the positive terminal of the battery and touched it to various wires for up and down when I needed it. Hope your window didn’t cost $330 to replace that switch like mine did. And fixing some other mechanics “solutions” is always a fun task.

    Stuck windows are about the most annoying part of a car, aside from twisted seatbelts.

  2. Yeah, the part I bought was at a great price. I found plenty of new parts ranging from 195.99 to 348.00 bucks. Wasn’t really interested in spending near that much but I now have a fix with a proper part for 50.00 dollars.

    Once the car is painted and running A/C will be the next project.

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