Fast & Furriest 2019

Found out from another car organization that there was an event called The Fast & The Furriest car event that raises money for pet adoption centers local to us. Decided to go and help raise some money. Met a lot of super cute dogs and their owners. Even my pupper got to go and make new friends.

Rodney ready to go!
Got to meet another local MR2 owner and be jealous of his car!
Not an MR2 but still sexy.

MN MR2 Meet 2019

Took the car to its first Minnesota MR2 Meet since I purchased it. Took a few pictures and had a lot of fun meeting more local MR2 owners.

Back to the 80’s 2019

Went to the Back to the 80’s car show and had a lot of fun. Plenty of 80’s cars showed up. Took some pictures and got to meet some nice folks!

This blue MR2 has a nicely done V6 swap. Never got to meet the owner but it’s a beautiful car!
This red MR2 appears to be completely stock. Again, didn’t get to meet the owner but another beautiful car.