Oil change for winter

Performed an oil change to put the car away for winter. Been a pretty good car so far and during the winter I plan on updating the stereo system. The crappy aftermarket stereo is barely working and there is one speak that just doesn’t work.

Replaced clutch system

Started having problems with the clutch. Took a little bit to figure out. Long story short, after a bunch of shifting the clutch pedal would engage almost immediately but the clutch wouldn’t fully engage. As if you were riding the clutch even though your foot was off the pedal.

Found that both the slave and master cylinders were leaking and the fluid was 74k miles old. It was very thick and after it warmed up it wouldn’t release back into the master cylinder. It was still applying pressure to the slave cylinder and not releasing the clutch all the way.

Replaced both cylinders, completely bled the system, and spent way too much time adjusting the pedal.

Changed the trans gear oil

Shifting felt a bit notchy and changing from first to second gear at higher RPM’s had a bit of a grind. Decided on Lucas 10047 75w90.

Update: After about 300 or so miles shifting is far smoother and the grinding has nearly gone.

Full tune up

Based on what I had been finding I figured it might be wise to do a full tune up as well. NGK spark plugs, NGK wires, Bosch O2 sensor, and Bosch cap and rotor.

Updated Exhaust

Since the original factory muffler (yep, it was the one that originally came with the car) had a huge hole in it I figured it was time to replace the exhaust. I found an SC flex pipe (goes from exhaust manifold all the way to the catalytic converter), a replacement high flow catalytic converter, and a dual exit port muffler. Sounds pretty good now!